Artist Statement

We view the world through the objects that surround us. The natural frames of architecture and nature create the composition of our daily lives. I’m drawn to the spaces between in the world around me: the sky between stripes of power lines, streets glimpsed through the gaps between bridge pylons, a sunset peeking through a tree’s branches. I hope to inspire viewers to revisit the juxtaposition of natural and modern aesthetics that we constantly interact with as we go about our lives but often take for granted. By stripping down my subjects to their simplest forms—their patterns, shapes, and even color tones—I offer a new perspective on the mundane and ordinary.


About Peter

Peter Cangialosi is a printmaker and graphic designer living in Massachusetts. Several of his landscape monotypes are part of The Boston Athenaeum’s New England Prints and Photographs permanent collection. He’s a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and his work has appeared in various locations around New England. He's available for custom woodblock and monotype prints, contact him to set up an appointment.

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