Etched & Carved Show @ 13 Forest Gallery

13FOREST Gallery is pleased to present Etched & Carved, an exhibition of four printmakers, in conjunction with the Boston Printmakers 2017 North American Print Biennial.

Etched & Carved introduces four new artists to 13FOREST Gallery, all printmakers who demonstrate the wide variety of visual styles that can be achieved with printmaking. This exhibition is timed to coincide with the Boston Printmakers 2017 North American Print Biennial, opening nearby at The Lunder Arts Center at Lesley University College of Arts and Design in Cambridge on Saturday, January 27. The Boston Printmakers is an organization dedicated to promoting excellence and innovation in the field of printmaking, as well as encouraging public understanding and support for this unique art form. From the fine shading and delicate lines created by etching, to the bold, graphic shapes created through woodblock printing, Etched & Carved celebrates the process and aesthetic of printed art.

Sat 1/20, 5-7 pm: Opening reception
Fri 1/20 - Fri 3/9: Show Duration
Sat 2/24, 4-6 pm: Good Impressions - a conversation with the artists