Jonesy and the Xenomorph

An ode to my favorite creature, H.R. Giger's Alien, and his feline friend, Jonesy the cat. During there interactions on the spaceship Nostromo, the Alien seems more curious than hostel to Jonesy. Aliens need cuddles too. This woodcut print was carved and hand pulled in 2016 on a cream Okawara paper. It was proofed at Easthampton City Arts+ with BIG INK and Lyell Castonguay

Jonesy and the Xenomorph  2016
Woodcut Print on Paper
Print Measurement: 24" x 45"
Paper Dimensions: 30" x 50"
Edition of 12


Drafting and Carving Process

Using reference I began the process by sketching out a small composition with basic shapes and minimal detail. After transferring the sketch to the block I started fleshing out the details in ink. Once I completed inking the details carved the outline of the form with a vein gouge so I had an shape to work within.  After this I started carving the  details inside the form using a variety of V, U and vein gouges.